DfE report – Multiple Disadvantage and KS4 Attainment

Research into multiple disadvantages experienced by young people and how they may affect key stage 4

This research reports how many young people experience multiple disadvantage. It explores how these disadvantages combine and affect young people’s key stage 4 attainment.

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Disadvantages include young people:

  • having special educational needs
  • being eligible for free school meals
  • having a mum who doesn’t have any qualifications
  • having parents who are not engaged with their education
  • having a poor relationship with parents
  • not having access to an internet-connected computer at home
  • attending a less effective school (Ofsted inspection overall rating of ‘inadequate’ or ‘requires improvement’

It is based on data from several waves of the longitudinal study of young people in England 2 (LSYPE2), which follows the lives of over 10,000 young people in England.

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