Summer Reading List for School Leaders

Many of you may want or need to avoid thinking about schools and education for a chunk of time over the Summer and that is quite understandable. School leadership is an enormously rewarding job but...
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Supporting Schools to Understand Behaviour

EEF Publishes Updated Guidance on Supporting Schools to Understand Behaviour The Virtual School very much welcomes some of the key principles outlined in the latest publication by the Education Endowment Fund (EEF) “Improving Behaviour in...
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Maths Revision Ideas

Speed dating: Fill in an exam paper with model answers and include support questions and challenge questions for each page. Split the class in half and create a ‘u shape’ with the desks. The pupils...
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Language Champions Programme

Recent research has repeatedly focussed on the importance of language development to improve educational outcomes for pupils and more specifically disadvantaged pupils. For example the Oxford University Press report April 2018, ‘Why Closing the Word...
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Celebrating Black History Month in Schools

Leeds has a diverse population, with over 140 ethnic groups represented across the city. There are almost 200 different languages spoken by our children and young people in schools. From the Spring census data collection...
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Diminishing the Difference?

September is a fresh start. September is a fading tan. September is bright eyes and enthusiasm. September could be the chance to have a hot meal. September could be a relief. September means all sorts...
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